Vampire Myths

The legend of vampires has enchanted mankind from time immemorial though in different forms in different parts of the world. A lot of local folklore gets associated with the actual premise of the vampire to give rise to new myths unique to a particular region. But here are some vampire myths which are the most famous and visceral and have time and again been portrayed on screen adding to their popularity.

  1. Vampires sleep in coffins :
  2. This myth has its origins in the tale of the gravediggers who claimed to have seen the undead arising from their coffins. But vampires would do great even in a bed as long as it was in a safe and dark corner of their castle because it is solitude they are seeking and not the comfort of a coffin.

  3. Vampires drink blood :
  4. This myth is related to the medical condition of “Porphyria” which results in abnormal metabolism of hemoglobin in blood and has nothing to do with being a vampire.

  5. Vampires burn when exposed to sunlight :
  6. Once again “Porphyria” is the culprit here as the UV ray damages the skin of the patient. So vampires might get blisters or rashes from exposure to sunlight but it is highly unlikely they would just burst up into flames out of nowhere.

  7. Vampires are repelled by garlic :
  8. The garlic myth has been there for a pretty long time and their source is unclear. It could be because of the extremely pungent odor as vampires are considered to have a superior sense of smell or it could be due to the fact that garlic worsens “Porphyria”.

  9. Vampires can be warded off by the cross :
  10. This particular myth has its origins in Christianity as vampires being revenants, are considered antithesis of everything good and the symbol of God is supposed to scare them off. Innumerable number of movies has depicted this particular myth.

  11. Vampires can turn into bats :
  12. Bats have symbolized vampires since the advent of the gothic novels. In fact the similarities are there for everyone to see from their blood sucking property to their acute sense of smell and hearing and also their love for dark eerie places.

  13. Vampires are exceptionally fast :
  14. If you are a fan of “True Blood” or any of the latest slew of vampire shows, you will know what we are talking about. Some legends also bestow on the vampires the ability to fly though the current movies and shows have decided to stick to the more believable leaping and running thing.

  15. Vampires have amazing strength :
  16. A corpse is not supposed to be a strong what with its pale, waif like appearance. Still some legends have it that vampires have enormous strength being devil incarnates, a myth supported by the “Underworld” movies.

  17. Vampires don’t have a reflection :
  18. This myth again has a Christian origin as any creature without a soul is believed to leave no reflection in the mirror. But this could again be associated with “Porphyria” as patients of this disease are known to despise mirrors due to the grotesque appearance that the disease gives them.

  19. Vampires heal very fast :
  20. Injuries don’t seem to have any effect on vampires as their scars heal almost instantaneously. Thus vampires are always depicted as shiny white without a single scar in their body.